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Back in school.

2012-04-11 09:59:06 by hankster

Really boring in school, highschool isn't really doing enough for me yet. Good thing is I am getting a shot at Voice Acting!


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2012-04-11 11:10:02

Try Art History in college. You think high school is boring? This s*** will make you fall asleep. Thank god for wifi. :D


2012-04-11 11:37:37

@dumba360 impossible not to agree


2012-04-11 11:44:56

One of the things that irritates me about this class is that it's ART history and yet there is WAY more architecture than paintings and models. Heck we just got done with Greek/Roman and it was mainly architecture. It's irritating and won't have anything to do with my major.


2012-04-11 11:52:05

Art History is going to make you go to sleep PRONTO, I had to listen to loud rock music to stay awake and have fun.
If it wasn't for the girls with short skirts and a pencil which I can drop every now and get my point

hankster responds:

All the chicks at my school are sluts/whores, whatever you want to call them. All of them wear booty shorts, it is really annoying if you ask me. :l


2012-04-11 12:47:57

@Mandog.... you were a lucky son of a gun. There's only one girl in there who wears a dress. Not skirt. Dress.

Hey any suggestions on how to study for it? (Sorry Hankster for overtaking your entry)

hankster responds:

There is no problem, just keep the fighting on a low. Thanks. :)