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It seems it is friday.

2012-04-14 01:02:41 by hankster

Well, it is friday! Can't believe the weekend flew by like that, good god it was so short. :o
So, anyone have any plans? :P

Back in school.

2012-04-11 09:59:06 by hankster

Really boring in school, highschool isn't really doing enough for me yet. Good thing is I am getting a shot at Voice Acting!

A voice.

2011-08-07 00:08:32 by hankster

If anyone ever needs a voice actor hit me up. :)

What the hell?

2011-06-01 08:58:40 by hankster

I dont know why...but they are releasing the most awesome shit towards summer...First killing spree 7 was released on youtube and is coming to madness combat 10 is coming out today (i hope :P)...What up with this summer?